Welcome to BVAR trucking. We are a rapidly growing VTC based in the UK and going international. We have dedicated both Promods and Truckers mp with rules to abide by! If you would like to join a rising star in the truckersmp community then why not head over to https://trucksbook.eu/company/25182 . 
Apply with the “Apply” tab. The management will look at your application within 24 hours. You MUST be on the discord before you apply so we can get in contact with you and add you to the relevant roles.If you require further information please contact the following people DJ Replay, Starz, B0bbyk4y, AdeAce88 and AdeadguyUK.

All we ask for you is you MUST be 17+ to become a member of our up growing trucking team! You need to know a decent knowledge of English.

Rules For VTC please follow them all as asked;

1. Only do real miles (62MPH/100KPH, ETS and 80 MPH/130KPH ATS). However we are trialing race miles so please only do a handful (20% at MOST) 

2. Don’t deliver cargo with a damage of more than 16%. 

3.Respect our managers and other members on Discord. 

4. Make sure you do the 100 miles every month on either ETS2 or ATS if not you will receive a warning for not logging in the month.

We are also now sponsored by JustaMug.co.uk!! Why not check them out here.